Sowing Stitches

Sowing Stitches

Sowing Stitches brings people together to improve lives and communities. We sow seeds of friendship while providing training, skills, advocacy and referrals towards stitching of broken lives.

Sowing Stitches provides the community with one year's accredited training in tailoring skills. It equips people with the skills to start up their own tailoring business. Sowing Stitches will be sustainable by giving local people the skills to train others providing a legacy to the project. Those not interested in starting their own business will gain the skills and confidence to find employment.

What we'll deliver:

  • Accredited training in Tailoring and Fashion Design
  • Business Admin skills and confidence related to managing a business
  • Community skills and confidence to become employer of labour.

Why it's a great idea:

Community-led, empowering people, reducing unemployment, reducing landfill, creating local businesses, creating jobs for local people as new businesses will have vacancies available. Many residents from Barnet are extremely creative and this is a project that will allow them to express themselves and look at employment or business start-up in the creative industries. The training hub is aimed to become a community-owned business that is capable of employing its residents thereby creating community safety, health and wealth.

Steps to get it done:

  • Weeks 1- 12: Knowledge and safe use of tailoring equipments, Health & Safety procedures. Strong team working.
  • 13 - 25: Patterns construction, Calculation, cutting, plotting of garment compliments, public display of finished work.
  • 26 - 35: Repairs & Alterations; Overlocking; Digital training. Business skills training.
  • 36 - 46:Pop-up business practices, Work experience completed
  • Week 47: Trainees' Graduation; Community tailoring business established, next cohort training waiting list collated.

It will produce interdependence and increase community safety.


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